Little Luxuries: sleeping in

Not to rub it in but I don’t have to be at work until 11 most days. Still, I try to get up early and check some things off the list before heading out… Continue reading


YOLO | treat yourself | you deserve it | retail therapy | sunday funday I work in retail so I’m exposed these on the daily. I don’t think any of them are inherently wrong… Continue reading

Hard Number (scratch that)

So this is kind of embarrassing. I will not be doing the hard numbers series posting how much debt we have reduced each month. Becaaauuuuuse instead I’ll be posting how much we have… Continue reading

Grocery Challenge – 40%

Ok, first listen to this (it’s good I promise!) Did you catch that?! 40%!! We waste 40% of food. I felt mortified after listening to this because we are absolutely those people. It’s… Continue reading

We are so fancy

Yesterday I cashed in my Christmas gift to get blowouts with my dearest friend Sara. What a sweet gift! After this years holiday hangover I’ve been leaning more towards the idea of gifting… Continue reading

Surviving Crisis

What a fucking month! Recently I wrote about our two cats falling ill and how our humble emergency fund came to the rescue. Well… the day after writing that our third cat fell… Continue reading


It’s a treasure to have friends who are cheap dates. Friends who always have a running list in their heads of free things to do. Last week it was Buffalo hunting with Evie.… Continue reading

Grocery Challenge: buying in bulk

We are only a family of two (and three cats) so I never considered buying bulk items. But as I did research on reducing grocery costs I heard it over and over again.… Continue reading

Deprivation and Gratitude

The best shower and meal I’ve ever had were in a hostel. I had traveled from LA, where I was spending the summer for an internship, down to San Diego to visit and old… Continue reading

Hard Numbers

Everyone loves a good before and after photo. Especially if you can see the progress in between. I was hesitant to share hard numbers on here but I think it’s necessary to make… Continue reading

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