Grocery Challenge: buying in bulk


We are only a family of two (and three cats) so I never considered buying bulk items. But as I did research on reducing grocery costs I heard it over and over again. Buy in bulk. Especially when things are on sale. I started slowly with things that made sense: trash bags, dishwasher detergent cubes, rice. Then I cleaned out some closets and added things like toilet paper and cat litter. And then I noticed the bogo meat specials. i could freeze one pack for next week. And there was a great sale on my shampoo and conditioner so I stocked up and bought three of each. This week it was cat food.

I think it’s important to recognize what is worth buying in bulk and how much. I still buy apples individually because I know there is no way I can get through a whole bag before they go bad. I’m also not willing to store things in my oven the way my Grandma does so I consider the space we have.

At first I was worried that spending the extra dollars on the bigger sizes would add up but after a couple week I realized that there were a lot less items on my grocery list. We use to buy toilet paper at least once a month. Now we can go as many as three.

This is a great article I used when I started.