Surviving Crisis


What a fucking month! Recently I wrote about our two cats falling ill and how our humble emergency fund came to the rescue. Well… the day after writing that our third cat fell ill. Very ill. After a couple of vet visits, blood tests, stool samples, fluid injections, special food, antibiotics, anti-nausea medicine, and appetite stimulants she recovered.

On top of that our new i-phones came in (great timing!), Mark’s health insurance finally got approved via an unannounced withdrawal from our bank account, and I went through a personal medical crisis.

Slip ups became easier in the midst of this month from hell. Suddenly my attempts to give up boutique coffee shop mochas just didn’t seem to matter. But I caught myself. I could see the old patterns of spending coming back with vengeance and I wasn’t going down without a fight. The key is focus. Which is hard when there is so much going on. I regulated my routine to the best of my ability. Meditation in the morning, exercise in the evening, keep things around the house tidy. I was also inspired by Jen McDonough on Listen Money Matters as she spoke about how she cherished every dollar that was going towards her goal. And so I followed suit and ended up saving more this month that ever before.