Grocery Challenge – 40%

Rotten Apples

Ok, first listen to this (it’s good I promise!)

Did you catch that?! 40%!! We waste 40% of food. I felt mortified after listening to this because we are absolutely those people. It’s horrifying how much food we throw away in this house. Here are the steps I’ve taken to end that:

1. Make a menu: I fought this. Hard. We are foodies, we don’t eat like most Americans. Mark is a chef. This is not for us. But then it worked. 

2. But make a mindful menu: Before I plan what meal goes where I think about our weekly schedule and conflicts that might come up. I’m off on Mondays so I often plan the more elaborate meals then. Saturdays I’m exhausted after a full work week and an extra long day so it’s usually frozen pizza. And if something comes up I don’t hesitate to shift a meal around or create a new version of it.

3. Clean out that fridge: regularly. Like every week. Then you won’t buy something you already have (this week I found three THREE bottles of ketchup in there, wtf). And you’ll know what there is to snack on. I do the same for our pantry once a month.

4. Portion control: After a couple of weeks of cleaning out the fridge on a regular basis I realized that we were throwing out the same things. Extra rice, old arugula, and moldy bread. So I just started making/buying less of that stuff.

5. Just do it: The other day I went to pack my lunch and there was just a modge podge of leftovers. A TON of mashed sweet potatoes, some rice, a tiny end from a pork loin roast, a couple of apples. I threw a little bit of everything together and despite it’s original luster it ended up being a great meal. And it went to use instead of in the trash.

p.s. I have our grocery bill down to $100/week. That includes items from Target like shampoo and cat litter. The other week it was only $60!! Huge progress my friends.