winter hat

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I work in retail so I’m exposed these on the daily. I don’t think any of them are inherently wrong but it’s become our culture to just throw these phrases around with no thought behind it. And it’s holding us back. When I was in college I worked really really hard in school and every now and then I would go to the mall and just blow money because “I deserved it”. But I couldn’t afford it and it caused me a ton of debt and years of being chained down to that debt.

All those things I bought at the mall? I don’t still own any of them. It’s hard not to look back and think “What if I would have treated myself to a batch of chocolate chip cookies instead. What if I would have purchased one nice thing instead of a pile of crappy things”. The reality is I shopped for shoppings sake and didn’t really care what ended up in my bags at the end of the day. I learned the hard way that consumption is a temporary high with lasting consequences. That true happiness and fulfillment can only be earned through self discipline and gratitude.

This mentality may seem in conflict with my job and I’ve had to sort that out in my head. Purchasing things is not bad. Especially if those things bring value to your life. I love fashion, and I love the things we sell in our shop. That’s why I have a budget to buy a new piece of clothing from there every month. However, I put thought into my purchases, I don’t use them to fill a void in my life (but maybe one in my closet).

A few months ago I went into a nice boutique and found the perfect winter hat. The lady that was helping me went on and on at the check out about how I deserved that hat and how I should treat myself. Her words fell empty. An echo of what I’m sure she says to all of her customers. Because really I just didn’t have a winter hat. And I had the money to buy that one. The one that I really liked.

So go ahead and buy things, nice things even. If you really love them and can afford them. The rest isn’t worth it.