Little Luxuries: sleeping in

sleeping in

Not to rub it in but I don’t have to be at work until 11 most days. Still, I try to get up early and check some things off the list before heading out the door.

Lately that’s been hard. I blame a mix of the debilitating cold that hovers just outside our walls and my recent mood to match. Two weeks ago I had a miscarriage. It stung in ways I didn’t expect and each day feels like swimming against the tide. I’m lucky to have more support than most. A flock of women in my life that were open with me when it happened to them and are now holding my hand through it. Also a Husband that knows just the right way to calm my most terrifying thoughts. Still each night I tuck myself in, exhausted through and through.

Come March I’ll be back to my super productive self but for now I’m staying in bed a little later. Allowing my body and my heart to heal.