When shit hits the fan

Last week our cat Franny got sick. We had to schedule an emergency vet appointment for her, something we had just done the week prior for our other cat Mary. I thought she… Continue reading

Grocery Challenge: making a menu

Several months ago I challenged myself to get my grocery bill down to something more…ahem…reasonable. In typically Michelle fashion I checked out like 100 books from the library, watched a bunch of youtube… Continue reading

Decidedly Carless

Mark and I were on our way to Half Price Books (to sell a heap from the minimalist challenge) when I announced that I had decided to buy a car. Well actually what… Continue reading

Holiday Hangover

We pulled into our street spot last night, unloaded all our gifts, weekend bag, leftovers from dinner, trash from car snacks.¬†Up the stairs, our legs heavy from the past 24 hours. I dumped… Continue reading

It’s not too late

Dinner was only half way done. I was hangry and tired from another seasonally long day at my retail job. It was my stomach speaking. “You’re not going to get me what I… Continue reading

cheap thrills: park trails and last days of summer

There is a little post over on my other blog about an awesome day spent in the woods with one of my favorite ladies. The weather here is getting cooler and I’ve been… Continue reading

grocery challenge: week 1

Despite my good intentions to make a dent in our grocery bills we are still spending far too much. And it’s not like we can just stop buying food so I’m making a… Continue reading

read: All Your Worth

Just finished All Your Worth, The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan by Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi. I’ve followed along with a slew of semi-cultish finance books and was pleasantly surprised at how… Continue reading

Cheap Thrills: Movie Night

A few week ago I invited some friends over for a Girls Movie Night. We watched my favorite, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead with bowls of cereal, freezer pizza, and “a little… Continue reading

room for what’s important

Inspired by the 30 day get-rid-of-everything trend that has been floating around I thought I would give this a go. I learned quickly that I’m not very good at sticking to these things… Continue reading

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