vacationing on a budget

Mark and I are headed to Montreal in a week! We are desperate for a vacation. But how HOW do you justify a vacation when you are paying off debt and saving like… Continue reading

no money for ice cream

Over Father’s Day meal prep my Mom mentioned that an ice cream truck had been circling their tiny neighborhood as of late. She had little confidence that it would last. The figure eight… Continue reading

penny pincher: car wash

My first trip through one of those drive-through car washes was last year. And I protested due to the cost but my husband had already gotten in an unescapable line. So we paid… Continue reading

groceries: well it can’t get worse

Our monthly grocery expenses are sickening. We started using Mint two months ago and my eyeballs almost bleed from staring at that pie chart for so long. How could we be spending that… Continue reading

well of course

Last month we did three things that cut are spending by the triple digits. Really I feel stupid for sharing them because it’s kind of like, well of course! Duh. 1. Turned our… Continue reading

and go

The subject of money is tricky. It’s power to combine and divide us is remarkable. Also remarkable how it’s complexities weave together each portion of our lives yet we keep so silent about… Continue reading

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